Tips & tricks

If you are a larger group, order the canoe in time so that there are enough canoes available for your date, or so that you can choose from several dates.

You don't have to be afraid even if you are sailing for the first time, but above all I want to highlight caution and foresight. Wear a life jacket, especially if you are a child or a non-swimmer. The Little Danube, Mošonský Danube, Morava, the Danube arms are calm streams, but that does not mean that nothing can surprise you. In some places the flow is wide, you join the canoes together to chat and enjoy the beauty of nature and the float together, and suddenly the flow narrows to a third of its width and you, because you didn't have time to disconnect and create sufficient distances between you, probably they are waiting for "poopies".

In the event that you get between the branches, in no case grab onto them, do not hold on to them, but lie down or bend as deeply as possible into the boat. You'd better have a scratch on your back or navel, but if you hold on to a branch, you're almost certain to capsize because you're not able to hold the boat, trust me. If you manage to overshoot, try not to panic, because that is your biggest enemy. If you have packed your personal belongings in a barrel and closed it well, it will float, and so will the paddle, the canoe you are sitting in has flood chambers. So I take care and rescue in the following order:

I'll pull myself together first
I will look after those who were sitting in the boat with me to see if they are okay. Sometimes parents take two children with them in a boat, in which case it is good to agree on the shore that who will save who.
I start collecting my personal belongings, paddles, etc. Guide the canoe by swimming to a place where you can comfortably pull it out, pour water out of it, change clothes and continue the float.

Most of all, keep calm, you are not the first or the last to fall out.

Choose your clothes according to the weather forecast. As footwear, sandals are the most suitable (both indoors and outdoors), but of course sneakers or flip-flops will also work. If light rain is expected, don't forget a raincoat or so-called raincoat. poncho (of course waterproof). In the event that it rains a little, you put them on, your things are hidden in the barrel that you get from us and you can continue the rafting. A little water never killed anyone. Of course, in case of persistent rain, the float will be postponed or interrupted. Do not forget to pack sunscreen with you and especially to use it in case of sunny weather. Paint your face, neck, shoulders, back, simply all exposed parts of the body, and especially don't forget to paint the inner side of the thighs and knees, because many people forget about these places and then the so-called boater's tan. According to him, you can at least recognize that the person was rafting and even walks as if he had been kicked somewhere.

You have the option to camp either at public campsites or just outside of civilization. In the case of camping at a public campsite, you have to expect a camping fee, which is usually not a high amount per person, but you can count on at least some social services such as showers, toilets, garbage containers, the possibility to eat or at least have refreshments in the buffet or restaurant, trouble-free access by car, etc. The most famous of these are the Nová Dedinka campsite, Pri Kríži campsite in Eliášovce, Jelka-mlyn, Ranch u Paľa, Madarász recreation area, Potônske lúky campsite, Tomašikovo-jezero, Jahodná Alba Regia, Topoľníky thermal swimming pool.

If you decided to camp the so-called wildly (yet it is not forbidden in our country), so first of all, don't forget the fact that the nature around you does not belong only to you, and please behave accordingly. Set up the fireplace in such a way (if it is not already set up) that it is safe, i.e. so that the fire does not spread from the fireplace to the surroundings. By the way, wood for fire is usually not found at a good camping site, but you can easily collect it on the other bank and near the banks above the water. Sit in an empty canoe and collect it. Attention, at such a campsite, especially in its immediate vicinity, there are usually a lot of landmines in the bushes and among the trees (I hope you know what that means), so be careful where you let your children go. Don't forget to clean up after yourself, put out the fire, take away the trash, or even those left behind by someone "also responsible". This is how nature should remain clean.

Take something small to eat with you, because the nearest restaurant or buffet may be several hours from the start of your cruise. As for the drinking regimen, follow it especially on a sunny day, otherwise you risk dehydration. Drink alcoholic beverages in moderation, because if you overdo it, you lose concentration, sometimes gain unnecessary courage and forget that you are on water that is stronger than you.